Working Moms!

So many of our beautiful customers are working moms. And while the professional endeavors of the women at Achiq Designs have made the brand what it is today, it’s so special to be able to share a different side of their lives: motherhood!

Fabi Giguere, Founder and Designer at Achiq Designs

Fabi created Achiq Designs so that women can feel like their brightest selves. But she will be the first to tell you that nothing lights up her life the way her children do! This picture is from her mother and her when she was a baby.

Fabi is the proud mom of Francisco (29) and Jean Pierre (18).

Francisco has a bachelor’s degree in IT in addition to multiple degrees, including from GIA (Gemological Institute of America). His impressive education, entrepreneurial spirit, and professional, charming demeanor make him an excellent Store Manager at Achiq Designs. He can also build just about anything.

Jean Pierre currently attends SCSU and dreams of going to NYU to be a filmmaker and screenwriter. His creativity and detail-oriented personality will serve him well in his endeavors.

Of course, we can’t forget about Fabi’s fur baby, Maggie the goldendoodle. She acts like a shadow following her mommy everywhere.

While she is extremely passionate about her thriving business, Fabi’s world changed when she became a mother. As a working mom, her motivation shifted to working hard so that her babies could have an amazing future. Her family is her purpose.

Fabi’s greatest advice to other working moms out there is to find a balance in your life. Fabi’ s own mother always said, “it’s all about quality not quantity” meaning that even with a full and busy life, you can always find some beautiful time for your children! Whether it’s vacations, sport games or brief car rides, your time is the greatest gift you can give to them. This Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to all mothers, specially the ones that are not here.

Erika Marino, Social Media Coordinator at Achiq Designs

Erika is responsible for working with Fabi on social media. She helps create the stunning visuals and compelling content that you see on Facebook, Instagram, and on the web.

Erika is also the proud mother of a sweet boy named Liam (3). He is quite the character and has a wide range of interests from hockey and ice skating to dinosaurs and volcanos. He wants to be an NHL hockey player when he grows up.

Life as a working mom of a toddler is certainly not easy! When Erika isn’t making Achiq Designs beautiful, she’s making a beautiful life for her son. Luckily, as he gets older, it’s getting easier for him to understand when mom has to work and he even tries to help! Erika feels lucky to have a flexible job where she can express her creativity while also being there for her son.

Her advice to other working moms is to schedule your day so that you can be both productive at work and present as much as possible with your kids. Kids are only little once and it’s so beneficial for them to have mom be present.

Happy Mother’s Day from Achiq Designs

From the bottom our our hearts at Achiq Designs, we want to wish you all a very happy Mother’s Day!!

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