Our Brand

Meet Fabiola J. Giguere! Founder of Achiq Designs and the passionate Designer behind her Brand.

“When women wear Achiq Jewelry they have an emotional connection to express their own style.”

It’s Fabi’s passion to design jewelry that connects you to your unique style as well as to her beloved ancestry from ancient Peru.

Achiq Jewelry For Bright Souls! 

Achiq Designs was founded by Fabiola J. Giguere under a mission to combine the old tradition’s of ancient Peru with her passion for jewelry design.

Fabi’s Peruvian ancestors used the healing qualities of minerals and stones to bring positive energy to your life. By honouring these properties, Fabi selects gemstones for their metaphysical beauty and healing qualities so that she can embue this ancient energy in her fine jewelry.

Inspired by her ancient Peruvian history, each of Fabi’s jewelry collections brings forth important characteristics that connects the metaphysical qualities of natural stones with effortless style.

ACHIQ is a Quechuan word from the native Inca language meaning “Bright”.

For Fabi, this ‘brightness’ fueled her own spark to inspire jewelry that combines a sense of sophisticated style and geometric design with brilliantly colored stones that will last a lifetime.

Highlighting the luxury of exclusive natural stones with handcrafted jewelry, ACHIQ DESIGNS encompasses the ideals of beauty, elegance and flawless craftsmanship.