Achiq Jewelry

For Bright Souls

ACHIQ is a Quechuan word from the native Inca language meaning “Bright”.

Our design heritage stems from the ancient Peruvians who used the healing qualities of minerals and stones to bring positive energy to your life.

Shine Bright With Achiq Designs

And Allow Your Soul To Shine Everyday! 

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Inspired by our ancient Peruvian history, each of our silver jewelry collections showcases the brightness of silver mixed with natural stones in our signature classic, glamorous and urban styles.

Our Jewelry Is Handmade By Skilled Peruvian Artisans

Connect With Our Peruvian Ancestry

Wearing a piece of Achiq jewelry connects you instantly to ancient Peru.

Our stones are hand-sourced in colours that transport you into the Peruvian landscape.

We support a community of skilled Peruvian artisans who hand-make our jewelry to the highest standards.

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