Care Guide

At Achiq Designs, our jewelry is made by skilled craftsmen and is meant to be worn everyday.

We’d like to help you keep your jewelry shining bright. So please read our Care Instructions below or send us an email if you have any questions.

Care Instructions To Keep Your Achiq Jewelry Shining Bright! 

With time many air pollutants, perspiration, perfumes and other natural elements can make jewelry and gemstones appear dull. Down below, are some tips for keeping your jewelry pieces clean and shiny.

How to Avoid Damaging Gemstones

To prevent exposing gemstones to damaging elements, it is advised to avoid the following:

  • Chlorine
  • Household cleaning chemicals
  • Extreme heat or light and salt water
  • Manual Labor
  • Strenuous activity (where gems are subject to excessive force/friction)

For most gemstones, it is best to clean them using dishwashing soap with water on a damp cloth. It is best to avoid contact with hairspray, lotions, and perfumes, which can become absorbed and cause discoloration over time.

Cleaning Silver Jewelry

Much like gemstones, common everyday items like pure sterling silver will lose its luster. In the presence of sulfur, items such as leather, rubber, chlorine, and perspiration (even salt water) should be carefully observed when wearing silver jewelry. Since these substances are very difficult to avoid, ACHIQ Designs recommends that the sterling silver be wiped down occasionally with the polishing cloth that comes pre-packaged with each purchase.

When the jewelry pieces are not in use, store your jewelry in the pouch you received when purchased.

To clean our diamond shine finish just lightly brush with baking soda and your sterling silver piece will immediately get the shine back.  Please consider the recommended yearly cleaning from a jewelry professional.

Cleaning Leather

Leather should be cleaned regularly. To clean leather, dust the surface with a micro-fiber or soft cloth and follow by using saddle soap. To continue, a treatment of commercial beeswax polish works wonderfully on leather pieces. Avoid contact with water or other liquids.


If any of our products need repair please email us at to arrange any repairs. All issues are handled case by case and are assessed once the item for repair has been received. If an order arrives broken or in damaged condition, please inform us within 48 hours of purchase. Any inconvenience caused by the damage will be repaired or re-placed. Please make sure to ship the order back within 15 days to avoid any delays or penalties.

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