How to Clean Your Jewelry

At Achiq Designs, our jewelry is made by skilled craftsmen and is meant to be worn daily.

Here’s a quick guide of tips and tricks for how to clean your jewelry and keep it shining bright.

Prevention is Key

Sometimes elements build up on your jewelry and make it appear dull. These elements range from air pollutants and perfumes to our own perspiration.

To avoid dullness, exercise caution when using the following:

  • Chlorine
  • Household cleaning chemicals
  • Extreme heat
  • Salt water
  • Hair products and lotions

Life Your Best Life in Achiq Designs

Life gets messy sometimes. So, if your jewelry does come in contact with any of the above elements, don’t worry.

Here’s how to clean it off:


Clean with dishwashing soap and water on a damp cloth.

Rinse thoroughly.

Sterling Silver

Wipe down with the polishing cloth that comes pre-packaged with each purchase.

Diamond Shine Finish

Lightly brush with baking soda.

Shine On

We all love our DIY tips. However, you should still consider a yearly cleaning from a jewelry professional.

We hope you enjoy each day with your Achiq Designs jewelry!