Fabi Giguere, Founder &  Designer At Achiq Designs

Fabi lost her mother almost four years ago, but the bond that she had with her mother was one of a kind. It comes with fond memories and unconditional love. 

For those who lost their mothers you understand that it gets emotional usually around this time of year. 

“The love and blessing of my mom is always with me even when I know she is not physically here”. Fabi states. 

Fabi was very attached to her mother, she says “it is so important to have work-life balance, spend quality time with your family and having a special one to one with your mothers is just priceless”. 

Fabi tells us that she loves her memories of the trips she took with her mom and how she treasures those times.  “One of the greatest times of my life was when we took vacations with mom, we had a wonderful time together, reconnected in a meaningful way and had lots of fun.”

Below are some pictures from when her family took a vacation to Costa Rica.

Happy Mother’s Day from Achiq Designs

From all of us at Achiq Designs we want to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!!

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