From the initial conception of a design, to the incredible moment when a customer wears her piece for the first time – here is a little BTS look at the women who make it all happen.

These Women are the Guiding Light of Achiq Designs

“Achiq” means “Bright” in the native Inca language.

Behind the scenes at this unique jewelry brand, the brightest guiding light comes from 3 incredible businesswomen. These women combine their passions and skills to drive each phase in the life of an Achiq Designs piece.

In Honor of Women’s History Month, we are so excited to share each of their stories.

Meet Fabi: Our Founder and Designer

Fabiola J. Giguere is the Founder and Designer of Achiq Designs.

Fabi is in charge of designing all the jewelry pieces, creating collections, and even working with clients to create new designs and to custom-redesign heirloom jewelry (how cool is that!?).

Fabi’s inspiration comes from places she has traveled, nature, mythology, artists, and her family. She combined her long-time passions for drawing and painting with her degree in Business Management and Leadership to found Achiq Designs.

Her favorite piece is the Fiori Necklace, a one-of-a-kind design with sophisticated florals. Each petal has been sculptured by Achiq Designs’ artisans in mother of pearl gemstones and handcrafted in sterling silver.

For Fabi, Women’s History Month is a time to honor the women in our lives, and the women in history. This month reminds Fabi of her mother who passed away 3 years ago and whose courage, creativity, talent, and compassion live on in her daughter.

Fabi’s advice to any woman dreaming of founding her own business is to challenge yourself, follow your dreams, and never give up.

Meet Alejandra: Our Creative Director and Producer (shoots and catalogues)

Alejandra Iturrizaga is an architect who enjoys doing anything creative. She is very passionate about photography and aesthetics, and uses these passions to drive the creative direction behind the shoots and catalogues at Achiq Designs.

Alejandra’s favorite piece is the Eclipse Sodalite Earrings because they are timeless and perfect to use for any occasion.

Women’s History Month, for Alejandra, is an important reminder to value what women have done in the past for us to be where we are today, while knowing that there is still a long way to go for equality.

Alejandra’s advice for women who want to work in a similar role is to be very organized before shoots, as time flies and it’s better to have everything ready for action.

Meet Linda: Our Sales Associate

As a Sales Associate, Linda Olis welcomes the customers, tells them all about the jewelry, and assists them with their purchases – giving each customer a fun and meaningful experience.

Linda’s favorite piece is the Occitan Necklace because she appreciates the workmanship in it and the option of adding on earrings and a bracelet.

As a strong woman and a retired nurse who loves to help people in a variety of aspects, Linda feels that every month should be Women’s History Month. Linda hopes that this month is a reminder for everyone of all the obstacles that women have endured and overcome.

For other women hoping to create an excellent customer experience as a Sales Associate, Linda’s advice is to accept everyone for who they are and help make their experience enjoyable.

Women Following the Light

Each Achiq Designs piece is brought to life through the unique roles of these hardworking women.

Whether you wanted a peek behind the scenes of your favorite jewelry brand, are an aspiring businesswoman yourself, or just needed a little women-inspired motivation today, we hope this article brightened your day!