Behind the shimmer of the beautiful jewelry at Achiq, there is a team of brilliant women working hard to provide customers with gorgeous pieces and unique designs.

March is international women’s month, therefore, we bring to you an inside look at the inspirations, goals, and stories of the women behind Achiq.

Fabi Giguere, Founder &  Designer

When asked if there was a strong, female influence in Fabi’s life, she replied, “My mother, Nelly Gladys Andrich. She was my role model, always showing me the right path, she motivated me to follow my dreams and she looked after me and supported me in every part of my life.

I have met a lot of women, but no one like her. She was very wise and always there when I needed advice. She became my coach, my inspiration source to never feel down. Her perseverance, selfless nature, honesty and  dedication to her family truly inspires me to continue her legacy. 3 and 1/5 years have passed but not a day goes by without missing my beautiful mom. I miss her dearly.”

 A quote that Fabi lives by is ‘”The Sky is the Limit “Anything you wish in life is possible if you do it with hard work and lots of love “

Goals are important for progress, this year fabi has set goals of traveling, spending time with her family and of course designing.

Fabi’s favorite piece of jewelry at Achiq is “A touch of Gold is a classic collection all handcrafted in sterling silver and just a touch of 18 K gold. The  quality of our workmanship and materials in this collection are just so chic and absolutely gorgeous.”

Alejandra Andrich, Creative Director and Producer

Alejandra had a unique take on her inspiration growing up, she reported “I don’t recall having one unique inspiration. I was and am inspired by women who are creative.”

A piece of advice Alejandra has is “The confidence others see in you comes from within. Believe it.”

Alejandra’s goals this year are to keep growing as a designer and architect, balance her work and me time to live a healthier life.

Alejandra’s favorite piece of jewelry sold at Achiq are the “Sodalite Eclipse Earrings”

Mia Lorenti, Model at ACHIQ

Regarding who inspired Mia growing up, she said  “My grandmother always worked incredibly hard. She was not only a mom, but she also worked and owned a restaurant with my grandfather.”

Words that keep Mia going are “You can achieve anything as long as you put in the effort”

Mia’s goals for 2022 are to achieve straight A’s at college and work towards her dream job.

Mia’s favorite piece of jewelry sold at Achiq are the “Nelly Earrings”

Linda Olis, Sales Associate

A role model for Linda growing up was the famous Florence Nightingale.

A classic piece of advice Linda believes in is “Never give up”

This year, Linda sets out to give more of her time to the coalition in support of helping other with the opioid addiction / addiction crisis and suicide prevention.

Linda’s favorite piece of jewelry is “The sailor necklace”

Erika Marino, Photographer & Social Media Specialist

Erika claims “It’s hard to name just one because I’ve been very lucky to be raised in a family full of strong female role models.  They made everything seem possible with hard work and dedication. “

One piece of advice that has stuck with Erika through the years is “ If you believe in the good in people and what life has to offer and have a positive attitude then you will always bring forth good things to your life. “

Some goals Erika has set for herself this year are to travel more and spend more time outdoors with her son.”

Erika’s  favorite piece of jewelry is the round sparkle ring. She loves the bright stone and I always get tons of compliments when she wears it.