Senso Pendant


Getting geometrical with our SENSO design. Using two elements, square and oval, this pendant is a modern piece hand made in two different stones  and sterling silver 925.

Crystal Attributes for Amethyst : This purple crystal is a variety of quartz and ranges in color from pale lavender to deep winey purples. Amethyst is known as a master healer and is believed to heal all systems of the body. It is also believed to be a powerfully spiritual crystal aligned with the Third Eye Chakra, making it perfect for mediation and expanding consciousness.

Crystal Attributes for Andean Opal: Considered a magical love stone in South America. Methodologically associated with oceans, distances and the longing for a spiritual home. Is also Warm, enthusiastic,  has good energy

Adjustable 22″ chain is included in sterling silver 925.

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Amethyst Stone, Andean Opal


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